At least 48 verified Corona were discovered on a cruise ship
Despite the strict approach taken by the cruise vacation industry as part of the fight in Corona, the cruise ship Royal Caribbean reported today (Monday) that at least 48 vacationers on a ship that docked in Miami over the weekend – were diagnosed positive for the virus.The Symphony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world, carried more than 6,000 tourists and workers for a week-long cruise across the Caribbean. But during the voyage one of the passengers was verified to Corona, and at this point the company began to trace its contact history on the ship.

CNN reported that 95% of board critics were completely vaccinated. Among those passengers who were found positive, 98% were fully vaccinated. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Following the major infection, Royal Caribbean released a clarification stating that “all vertebrates soon went into isolation” and that they were “asymptomatic or reported mild symptoms”. According to the company, during the entire voyage, six cases of infection were diagnosed while the rest of the positive tests of the vacationers were discovered at the end of the voyage.

Pleasure sailing has been defined as one of the safest vacations last summer after the industry set strict protocols and rigid policies when it comes to dealing with the corona. This, after a long period in which the industry suffered from extensive shutdown following the plague.

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