Qatar confiscates rainbow – colored toys: “Contrary to Islamic values”

Authorities in conservative statements raided shops and confiscated children’s toys “in a design contrary to tradition.” The reason for the opposition to the colors of the rainbow was not stated, but some of the toys were in colors similar to the LGBT flag.

Authorities in Qatar have boycotted rainbow-colored children’s toy stores because they are “contrary to Islamic values.” The country’s Ministry of Trade and Industry did not specify the reason for its opposition to the colors of the rainbow, but some of the toys confiscated were in colors very similar to the LGBT flag.

Qatar will host the World Cup next year. Despite repeated statements by the authorities that anyone who wants to is welcome to come to the games, attraction to members of the same sex remains illegal in the conservative Muslim emirate.

A statement from the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a statement that the ministry had carried out raids and inspections “at several retail stores in various parts of Qatar. A picture of some of the toys was attached to the tweet.

A separate statement released by the official QNA news agency said, “The ministry urges all citizens and residents to report any product bearing a logo, logo or design that is contrary to our tradition.”

Since being elected host of the 2022 World Cup in 2010, the world has been closely monitoring the human rights situation in Qatar. Special emphasis is placed on the conditions of tens of thousands of migrant workers who are building the infrastructure for the tournament, along with LGBT rights. Human rights organizations claim that Qatar uses cheap labor, hard-working workers, violates their rights and endangers their security.

In November, the English Football Association assured fans of the LGBT community that they would be welcomed into the country for the World Cup, and Qatar seemed to soften its stance against the LGBT ahead of the tournament, after announcing it would allow the use of rainbow-colored flags. However, there are fears of possible consequences for Qatari community members waving such flags during the tournament – after the World Cup is over.

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