– The utmost caution is needed against the spread of Omicron. This is the warning that Mario Draghi launches in front of the Ambassadors’ Conference two days after the expected control room on the pandemic that could lead to new restrictions.

“The vaccination campaign has allowed us to save lives and reopen the economy, schools, places of our sociality” said the premier, “The arrival of the winter season and the spread of the Omicron variant however, they oblige us to be very cautious in the management of the coming months. The fight against the pandemic is not just an internal issue, but a central issue for foreign policy “.

“Italy reacted united and with courage”

“The last few years have been very difficult for our country, as well as for the rest of the world. I am referring to the pandemic and the economic crisis, which have affected especially the weakest. But, in recent months, Italy has shown, once again, of knowing how to react to the hardest crises with courage, determination, unity. Doctors, nurses, volunteers have administered over 106 million doses of the vaccine – an effort unprecedented in recent history. The economy is recovering, thanks to the commitment of workers and entrepreneurs. And Italy has played a central role on the international scene “added the premier

“Vaccinate 70% of the world population by 2022”

“During the G20 presidency, we encouraged the global community to ‘vaccinate the world’, to help citizens of the most vulnerable countries and reduce the risk of new variants. Last May’s Global Health Summit in Rome saw the richest countries and the pharmaceutical companies undertake to donate a considerable number of doses “said Draghi,” We must keep these promises and making sure vaccines get to those who need them. Italy supports the ambition to vaccinate 70% of the population of all countries by mid-2022. This goal must now be achieved “,” The NRRR is not the recovery plan of this government. This is the recovery plan for the whole country. And it is up to everyone – politicians, officials, entrepreneurs, social partners – to contribute to its realization quickly, efficiently, honestly “.

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