“Don’t panic about the Omicron variant. Vaccinating is a patriotic duty”

“All Americans have a patriotic duty to get vaccinated”. This is the warning from the White House of the US president, Joe Biden, in the speech in which he updated citizens on the state of the pandemic in the country. A speech in which the tenant of the White House has re-launched the appeal for immunization.

“We weren’t ready in March 2020, now we are,” Biden explained. “We have enough protectors and ventilators to deal with rising hospitalizations. Two hundred million people are fully vaccinated. We need to be concerned about the Omicron variant, but don’t panic.”

The US president then lashed out at the disinformation about the pandemic and vaccines, which is keeping millions of Americans away from the possibility of protecting themselves from Covid. The spread of misinformation “must stop now,” he said, referring to broadcasters and social media that “have gained from misinformation about the pandemic.”

Biden also announced, as expected, the use throughout the country of a thousand military doctors, in support of hospitals, and the purchase of half a million tests for Covid, which will be sent home to Americans for free. “If necessary – he said – we will build tents outside the hospitals”.

“My administration has not taken measures to control your life, but to save it”, he then continued, also referring to the obligation to vaccinate. “Schools – he continued – can remain open and lessons conducted in the classroom even in the case of positivity. The virus is worrying, but the science is clear. The vaccine helps to protect oneself”.

“Vaccines are free. I gave my booster dose and ex-President Donald Trump did it too. It’s the only thing we agree on.” Then specify: “The vaccinated can enjoy the holidays” of Christmas and New Year “as scheduled”. If, on the other hand, “you are not vaccinated, then you have a good reason to be concerned about the Omicron variant. Go get vaccinated.”

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