“We heard a terrible bang” – The number of victims has risen to four, the situation is described as very serious

There were reportedly four avalanches on Friday: two in Yykeä, one in Reinøya and one in Kaivuono.

four people has died in an avalanche in Northern Norway’s Tromssa, Norwegians say VG and NRK.

Several avalanches occurred on Friday: two in Yykeä, one in Reinøya, one in Kaivuono and one in Raisi.

One person died and another was seriously injured in Yykeanmuotka in Yykeä. The rescue service received information about the avalanche at 15:30 local time.

Dead and the injured were part of an Italian tourist group, according to VG. Three other members of the group suffered minor injuries and were taken away by helicopter.

The police are trying to get in touch with the Italian embassy in Norway.

The tourist group was the mayor Dan-Håvard Johnsenin were hiking with at the time of the accident in a popular area near Kavringtinden. Kavringtinden is one of Yykeä’s most popular mountains to conquer.

According to Johnsen, Yykeä currently has a lot of tourists from all over Europe. Johnsen instructs everyone to stay indoors.

“The weather conditions are so bad that the Red Cross is having trouble getting there [tapahtuma]to the place. And yet they are the best trained people in Norway for mountain conditions,” Johnsen tells VG.

Reindeer Island on the island in the municipality of Kalsa, two people have been found dead near the village of Grøtnesdalen, the director of rescue operations strengthens Vidar Paulsen for VG. According to the police, the relatives of the dead have been informed, so it is likely that the dead are Norwegian.

The avalanche has also destroyed buildings in the area. Local resident Anne Varmedal tells NRK that the avalanche took away the neighbors’ house, the boathouse and the barn, which was full of animals.

“We were just about to start dinner when we heard a terrible bang. The weather has been awful. When the snowflake landed, I saw that there had been a big avalanche,” says Varmedal.

Varmedal went with his partner to the neighbors’ farm immediately after the avalanche. The couple tells VG that the avalanche had “taken everything away”. According to Varmedal, an old couple lived on the farm. The police have not confirmed that the dead were Varmedal’s neighbors.

“Se [lumivyöry] was at least 200 meters wide. I have lived on the island for 50 years and I have never seen anything like this.”

Avalanche danger is very high at the moment in Reinøya. The police have started evacuations in the area. Rescue operations are still underway.

In Kaivuono There was also an avalanche near Bálggesvárr mountain, but at the moment it is not known that anyone was injured.

According to VG, a farm with a hundred animals is feared to have fallen under the avalanche.

Most recently Norwegian media reported that one person has also died in Raisi as a result of an avalanche.

According to VG, the deceased was part of a six-person tourist group. The members of the group are foreigners, and according to VG, the relatives of the deceased have not yet been contacted.

in Tromso executive director of the operational Red Cross Tor Indrevoll describes the situation to the media as “extremely serious”. When the Red Cross received information about the first avalanche in Yykeä, they first tried to go to the scene by helicopter. It was impossible due to the weather conditions.

“We rarely have to send so many rescuers to work at once. Rescue work is also complicated by the fact that avalanches have closed the roads,” says Indrevoll.

Varsom (warning in Finnish), which gathers avalanche forecasts, has issued a warning for very dangerous avalanche conditions in the Tromssa area for the whole weekend.

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