British Minister of Health Matt Hancock Announced tonight (Saturday) his resignation from the post, after the Sun posted photos in which he was seen cheating on his wife, violating the corona guidelines he himself passed. In the images in question, which caused a great deal of embarrassment, Hancock is seen kissing and hugging Gina Koldenglow, a senior assistant at the Ministry of Health. Hancock, married with three children, apologized and asked for privacy for his family. “I accept the fact that I violated the distance keeping guidelines in these circumstances,” he said. Colangello also apologized.

Many officials in the state claim that Hancock’s harassment is a violation of the country’s quarantine laws, which he himself drafted and called for his dismissal. Johnson’s commentator and former adviser Tim Montgomery told the BBC that “Hancock is a good minister but he should resign. When you break the rules you set, you have to show the public that you understand the offense you committed.” Montgomery added that in his opinion Hancock would not be fired for fear of a wider scrutiny of other ministers, which could have a “domino effect”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected the calls. A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said Johnson had accepted his apology and added that the Prime Minister has full confidence in the health minister.

Reports in the British networks stated that in May last year, Hancock said that epidemiologist Prof. Neil Ferguson should resign from the government’s scientific advisory group after it became clear he had broken quarantine laws after a woman she was in contact with visited his home. As you may recall, last year, Johnson’s senior adviser resigned after leaving London during the closure and provoked great anger.

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