The Archbishop of Belgrade, Stanislav Hocevar, said in his Christmas message that this holiday is “the most complete inspiration for all of us, earthly people, people, eternal seekers of happiness, but also eternal grumblers and eternally dissatisfied beings.”

“If we want to be happy, Christmas clearly shows us the direction in which we must go,” said Archbishop Hocevar, on the occasion of Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25 according to the Gregorian calendar.

As he stated, “the birth of the Son of God shows that it is not true that there is no clean air and clean water, he also says that we have a cure for all diseases, as well as that there is undivided inspiration for all people in all valleys of our planet.”

Archbishop Hocevar pointed out that when we say that the celebration of Christmas is ahead of us, “we do not mean primarily the calendar, nor any specific plan of our annual and life rhythm.”

“Christmas tells us that Eternity has moved into our very present, into a dilapidated earthly vessel such as our bodily heart, which can receive and carry in itself all happiness, love and eternity, all infinity and all the purest beauty of Heaven, God himself,” said Archbishop Hocevar.

He congratulated the holiday “brothers and sisters of the Eastern tradition: Peace of God Christ is born”.

In a Christmas card to the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Porfirio, he thanked him for his recent visit to the archdiocese, on the occasion of the holiday, noting that “it means a lot and inspires new steps.”

In a Christmas card sent to Archbishop Hocevar by Patriarch Porphyry, he stated that “The infant Jesus, weeping for the first time in the silence of the cave of Bethlehem, by his birth foreshadowed joy, not weeping, light, not there, the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of death and rot “.

Archbishop Hocevar will serve Mass on Christmas Day, tomorrow, December 24, in the Belgrade Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at 10 pm, and on Christmas Day in the Church of St. Anthony at 10 am.

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