According to Giorgetti on TV there are too many Covid ‘experts’ (and presumed such)

Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, according to what is learned, asked during the control room on the anti Covid measures (and it is not the first time), a reflection on public and private TV communication.

Basically, in compliance with freedom of expression and the rules on information, it is the reasoning that has been made, perhaps the invasion on talk shows of virologists and ‘experts’ in various capacities on TV they risk creating uncertainty and confusion.

It would perhaps be useful a sort of ‘recommendation’ for all networks, public and private to greater caution. “There is beginning to be intolerant towards those who have truths in their pockets ready for every situation and season. Truths that have been systematically denied by the facts” Giorgetti said to the premier and other ministers during the meeting. In short, in times of Covid, the share and plays cannot be the only discriminating factor in the choices of guests on TV when it comes to the pandemic and the consequences on people.

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