“There must be no further spread to the east”: The Russian president’s strong message to the United States

President of Russia Vladimir Putin Declared today (Thursday) that “the bullet is in the West’s court” and that it expects the US and NATO to comply with its country’s demands for security guarantees not to spread further east and not to deploy advanced weapons systems in Ukraine. He said these things during his traditional press conference to summarize the civil year.

For nearly four hours, the Russian president has answered questions from dozens of journalists about growing tensions with the West, alongside internal issues. Due to Corona’s limitations, the number of journalists attending the meeting was reduced compared to previous years.

After threatening this week that Russia would respond to “unfriendly steps” on the part of the West, Putin continued the aggressive line, accusing the US and NATO of lying for years because they promised not to spread towards Russia’s borders after the collapse of the USSR and that “the impression is “They think Russia is too big.”

“They told us in the 1990s not to get even an inch closer to the east. So what? They cheated,” he added. “They were just blatantly misleading – five waves of NATO proliferation. Now, in Romania and Poland, parallel weapons systems are appearing, “Putin defied, wondering how the Americans would have reacted if he had placed weapons systems on their borders with Canada or with Mexico.” They came to us. And now they say: ‘No, Ukraine will be in NATO, maybe there will be systems there too,’ he noted.

Putin stressed that Russia is not the side that should present guarantees for peacekeeping in the region and expressed hope that the talks will begin in early January. “You must give us guarantees, you must give us now and not talk about it for years,” he said angrily. “We must understand how our security will be ensured. Therefore, without any tricks, we have simply presented the issue that there must be no further expansion of NATO to the east. The ball is on their side, they have to give us an answer. ”

The Russian president also turned his anger on Ukraine, claiming that Russia had no choice but to seize the Crimean peninsula after the “bloody military coup” of 2014. “Should we have closed our eyes to what is happening in southeastern Ukraine, in the Donbass?” He wondered.

“We want to build good neighborly relations with Ukraine,” he declared. “But how can we build a relationship with the current leadership, given what they are doing? It’s just impossible.” He accused President Vladimir Zalansky of “falling, like his predecessors, under the influence of extremists”, adding that “some have been given the impression that my military operation is being prepared and that we have been warned not to intervene or protect the people of Donbas, and that if we intervene and defend them there will be new sanctions. “.

On another issue, Putin claimed that everything was done to solve the murders of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and former opposition leader Boris Namtsov, both of whom were harsh critics. “I did everything I could to solve these crimes,” he claimed. “All law enforcement agencies and special forces were instructed. They did everything to expose the perpetrators of these crimes and some of them died during the arrest,” he added.

Putin also reiterated his claim that the West had not provided Russia with evidence to show that opposition leader Alexei Navalny had indeed been poisoned. “We have sent many requests from the prosecutor’s office: give us at least some of the materials that prove poisoning,” he said. “There was nothing, not even a single detail about the Novichuk or whatever it was,” he noted.

The Russian president also stated that Russia was “morally protected from the West’s gender ignorance.” “I abide by the traditional approach that a woman is a woman and a man is a man,” he declared. “Mother is mother and father is father. And I hope our society has an internal moral defense that stems from traditional confessions of the Russian Federation,” he concluded.

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