these are the kits that the French use to visit the family

The french government decided not to confine or close restaurants in these parties with an unbridled Omicron but canceled the concerts and fireworks on December 31, which can gather a million people on the Champs Elysees.

With a presidential election looming, ban more it would have been an absolutely unpopular measurer. But President Emmanuel Macron asked all French people on Twitter to take a test before meeting their families at these holidays as a prevention.

“Let’s take care of each other”, urged the President of the Republic, thanking the personnel mobilized to protect us, and wishing “happy holidays to all.”

A few hours before Christmas Eve, and while the fifth wave of Covid-19 has already been hit by the explosion of the Omicron variant in the territory, Macron spoke on Twitter this Thursday.

“To those who will have the joy of being with their family: gestures of protection, a preventive test to reassure“urged the President of the Republic, while laboratories and pharmacies were taken by storm this week by the French wanting to be tested.

“Even if you are vaccinated, get tested or get tested, to make sure you are not a carrier of the virus before meeting your loved ones, especially when they are older, “he said.

Then he insisted, in a video filmed as a “selfie” and posted on his Instagram and TikTok accounts, “Whether it’s the first dose or the booster, it’s time to get vaccinated – this is the best way to protect yourself,” he added, while the health passport will soon be transformed into a vaccination pass.

“Before a contagion, we alert”, advertisement. The Head of State is aware that pollution records are currently being broken on a daily basis, in all parts of Europe and the world, including France.

Test yourself

“Let’s take care of each other,” claimed the head of state, before sending “a very special thought and message” to the personnel “mobilized to treat (and) protect us.” “Thank you for your commitment”, told them.

Finally, still from the Winter Garden of the Elysee, where the tip of the gigantic Christmas tree, shot on purpose, rubs shoulders with the sumptuous tricolor windows, Macron “wished for a Merry Christmas” and “very happy holidays” at the end of the year. “to all”.

A testing center in Paris. AFP photo A testing center in Paris. AFP photo

Macron’s optimism contrasts with what can happen in France even before December 31. On Monday the Health Defense Council will meet to adopt new measures, when the cases approach 100,000 in France and scientists consider that they do not have the capacity to count more in the tests.

No one rules out restaurant closures or even lockdown if escalation increases.

Nowadays 84,272 new cases have been recorded in France and 170 deaths in French hospitals ..

A Defense Council could take place in this direction of the restrictions during the next week, right after an extraordinary Council of Ministers.


The test numbers beat all records. Many swab self-tests to do them themselves. Laboratories can’t cope. The lines in front of the pharmacies, which have tents in front for antigen testing, are huge.

Between December 13 and 19 there were more than 6 million tests that were validated. A record figure compared to the previous 5.7 million.

With the closure of schools for school holidays, the number of tests performed between 0 to 15 years has decreased. But it has risen among those between the ages of 16 and 40.

France is vaccinating 800,000 people a day and even many who had not been vaccinated before due to the virulence of the Omicron do.

The vaccination of boys between 11 and 12 years of age has begun, after the positive recommendation of the health and scientific authorities. One of the parents must be present during the vaccination and must be a volunteer. At the moment they have not extended it to adolescents.

But no one rules out France sponsoring a fourth dose, like Israel, if the pandemic accelerates. The immunosuppressed start receiving it.

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