Report: A Molotov cocktail was thrown at a Russian consulate in western Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry claims tonight (Friday) that an unknown person threw a Molotov cocktail at the Russian consulate in the western Ukrainian city of Lubov. It was further alleged that apart from minor damage caused to the yard of the building, no casualties were reported. The Moscow Foreign Ministry said: “We demand that the Ukrainians fulfill their international obligations and ensure the security of Russia’s diplomatic missions and consulates. This event violates the Vienna Convention and the Consular Agreement between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.”

“We expect an official apology and a promise that Kiev will maintain the security of the Russian consular establishment,” he said. In addition, Russia has also appealed to the Lubov police chief to step up security around the consulate. A similar appeal was also sent to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Senior Russian officials have told local media that Moscow expects Kiev to fulfill its international legal commitment, prosecute those responsible and provide guarantees that such cases will not happen in the future. Russian media reported that the Ukrainian Foreign Relations Commissioner in Moscow had been summoned by the Foreign Ministry for a clarification and reprimand call.

The local police in the city of Lubov said that “an unknown person threw a bottle of flammable liquid at the fence of the Russian consulate in the city of Lubov. Police investigators began investigating the incident in accordance with Ukrainian criminal law (” hooliganism “)”.

This event comes in the shadow of security tensions between Russia, Ukraine and Western countries. Putin stated yesterday that he does not intend to reach a confrontation, but the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency claimed earlier this week that Russia intends to attack Ukraine as early as next year, amid reports in recent days that the Russian military is stepping up its border and Black Sea region.

EU on Russia’s decision to strengthen forces on border with Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

Brigadier General Kirilio Bodnov He told a military Times website that so far Russia has deployed more than 94,000 troops along the border, in addition to 330 aircraft, 75 ships and six submarines and short-range Iskander missile systems. Bodnov noted that the Americans also hold a similar appreciation. According to him, it will include airstrikes, artillery and armored attacks with paratrooper activity in the east and raids from the sea in the Odessa and Mariupol region, in addition to limited intrusions from Belarus.

The senior Ukrainian officer further estimated that Russia would also launch psychological warfare operations in order to undermine stability in Ukraine and the country’s ability to respond to the attack, including demonstrations ostensibly designed to protest against corona vaccines. “They want to provoke unrest, through demonstrations and meetings, that will show that the people are against the government,” he said.

According to intelligence sources, Putin is frustrated by the lack of progress in the peace process that Germany and France have launched, following the annexation of the Crimea and the outbreak of civil war in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and that he wants to ensure land crossing between eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

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