Pope in Christmas speech: “Remember the continuing tension in Israel”

In honor of Christmas, Pope Francis spoke today (Saturday) at his residence in the Vatican, and expressed deep concern about the crises that have befallen the world in recent times. Francis warned that “the world is becoming insensitive to the gusts and suffering that are taking place now, and has not returned to them.” In his statement, he also referred to the ongoing wars and humanitarian crises in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and various regions in Africa and Asia.

Thousands of his followers watched it in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, and heard from him a reference to the plague of the corona that continues to spread around the world. The pope warned of the serious social consequences of the Corona plague: “There is a growing tendency to retreat and stop making an effort to meet others and do things together. At the international level there is the risk of avoiding dialogue.

“We continue to witness a growing number of conflicts, crises and disagreements. These never seem to end, and now we hardly notice them. We have become so used to huge tragedies just passing by in silence,” he added.

Later, the pope referred to the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and said: “There are enormous tragedies there that everyone has ignored, and they have been going on quietly for years.” He also called on people to remember the ongoing tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, and the unprecedented economic crisis that has gripped Lebanon for a long time. Referring to Asia, the pope asked God to comfort the people of Afghanistan “who have been living under constant conflict for more than 40 years,” and on Myanmar said: “There is intolerance and violence in the country that is often directed at the Christian community and its places of worship.”

Meanwhile, Pope Francis, 85, celebrated Christmas Eve at Mass in the Basilica, where he urged devotees to show more compassion for the poor: “We need to appreciate the little things in the world. God, hurt him by disrespecting the matter by our indifference, “he said.

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