Serbia | Janko Veselinović: Let’s change Vučić’s regime to save the country, water and air

The president of the Movement for Change (PZP), Janko Veselinovic, said today that “there are still 99 days until the victory of the people and the opposition”, stating that the president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vucic, decided on everything for ten years. that the citizens take matters into their own hands and decide on it. “

“He started ticking the clock on Vučić’s regime. It is clear to everyone that he turned the state into a cartel,” Veselinović said in a conversation with citizens in the center of Zrenjanin.

As he said, Vučić “released Darko Šarić from custody, and put Aleksandar Obradović in custody earlier, ‘appropriated’ two minutes of footage from the toll ramp in Doljevac and acquitted Dragoljub Simonović of burning the house of journalist Milan Jovanović”.

“The SNS made the city a case of Zrenjanin. They are responsible both because the people of Zrenjanin do not have drinking water and because ‘Linglong’ took part of the city and introduced its laws there,” said Veselinović.

According to him, “this can only be changed by changing the corrupt government.”

“To save the land, air and water. All that is endangered in Zrenjanin, Vojvodina and the whole of Serbia. In Zrenjanin in particular. In addition to Vučić’s thugs, we also have Chinese paramilitaries here,” said Veselinović.

He emphasized that “it is time for every resident to win his contribution”.

“Each of these 99 days is 99 football minutes, with overtime, and whether we will win and be an orderly and safe state or lose and be a safe house of the drug cartel is decided by all of us,” Veselinovic said.

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