Patriarch of Porphyry to ‘Brother in Christ’ Archbishop Puljić: May the joy of Christmas fill the hearts of all Christians

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), Patriarch Porfirio, wished in his Christmas card “Brother in Christ” to Zadar Archbishop Zelimir Puljic, President of the Croatian Bishops’ Conference, that the joy of this holiday “fills the souls and hearts of all Christians, especially your dioceses and you personally. that we may all glorify the name of God together for ever and ever. ”

“We are celebrating the second Christmas in pandemic conditions, but with the indestructible faith that there are no temptations, small or large, that can stop the eruption of God’s love that always heals and complements the weak,” said Patriarch Porphyry, congratulating the Roman Catholic faithful on Christmas and New Year. churches in Croatia and Slovenia

He emphasized that “Jesus the Infant Jesus, weeping for the first time in the silence of the Bethlehem cave, with his birth hinted at joy, not weeping, light, not there, the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of death and decay,” the Zagreb-Ljubljana Metropolitanate said. site.

On the Instagram account of Patriarch Porfirio, a photo was published in which, yesterday, he visited the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Zagreb and talked to the citizens.

“Again in Zagreb, with the clergy and faithful people of the Metropolitanate of Zagreb-Ljubljana, happy for the faces of our brothers and sisters whom I have not seen for some time,” wrote Patriarch Porfitije, recalling the “wonderful seven years he spent in Zagreb”. his obligations do not allow him to stay too long.

Prior to his election as the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Porfirio was the head of this metropolitanate, which he still manages as its administrator.

The Serbian Orthodox Church also announced that Patriarch Porphyry sent congratulations to the heads of local Orthodox churches, Pope Francis, Archbishop Justin of Canterbury, representatives of traditional churches in the Republic of Serbia and all believers who celebrate the Nativity of Christ (Christmas) according to the Gregorian calendar.

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