Newspaper editor in Iran: In any case, Iran won the Vienna talks

The Iranian regime continues to declare declaratively and practically the nuclear talks in Vienna. Iran continues to take a firm stand on the removal of sanctions as a condition for any Iranian readiness to renew cooperation. At the propaganda level, the regime’s propaganda mouthpieces threaten to raise the level of enrichment to 90 percent and actually become a nuclear threshold state.

A spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency, Hruz Kamelbandi, described the transfer of the material from IAEA cameras at the KARAJ Centrifuge Production Center (KARAJ) in lifting the sanctions. To attack its nuclear facilities and echo the discourse in the Israeli and international press about Israel’s inability to attack Iran.

“If all sanctions are not lifted – Iran will enrich ninety percent to ninety percent”

An editorial in Kihan (December 20), affiliated with Khamenei leader, warned that if all sanctions were not lifted in the Vienna talks, Iran would take more significant steps in its nuclear program and begin enriching uranium to 90% and then “become a major nuclear power.” .

Dr. Muhammad Hussein Mahtram, (Guest Editor), refers to the Vienna talks and emphasizes that “given Iran’s focus on economic diplomacy and regional and international trade alliances and the strength of the resistance camp in regional developments. He says Iran is the biggest winner of the talks in Vienna, whether they succeed or fail.

He argued that if the US accepted Iran’s legal and legitimate conditions and requirements for the complete lifting of sanctions, this move would be considered a great victory for the Iranian nation and if not Iran through sanctions and economic recovery, continue its nuclear program, increase uranium enrichment from 60% to “90% if necessary, and it will become a global nuclear power, which means an even greater defeat for the United States.” “In any case, in his view, in the current situation, Iran should lift the sanctions solely on the terms it imposes and not on the basis of American dictates.”

The author emphasizes that Iran has the right, based on Articles 29 and 30 of the nuclear agreement, to continue to reduce its obligations if the other side does not meet its obligations, therefore. The American and Western claim that From time limit … “.

The paper adds, criticizing the Rouhani government that Iran has decided not to wait any longer for negotiations and its results, so as not to be deceived as in the last eight years (referring to Hassan Rouhani’s eight years in office, which Tehran conservatives have been eagerly awaiting removal from).

It should be noted about a week ago, after the Western media reported that Israel had passed information to the Biden government regarding Iran’s preparations for 90% uranium enrichment, Muhammad Islami, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, denied this and stressed that these were meaningless lies.

The Kihan newspaper last week objected to the surprising agreement reached between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding the renewal of the IAEA’s oversight of the site on the outskirts of the city of Karaj, near Tehran.

Keyhan stressed that Iran should not have given up its position on this sensitive issue especially since the site was hit by an Israeli attack. Kihan asked why Tehran should have made such a concession, “in the midst of the commemoration ceremonies for the first anniversary of the coronation of the father of Iran’s nuclear program killed by the Zionists’ warehouse.” Vienna, “raises a question.”

The photographs will be transferred to the IAEA only after the sanctions have been lifted

Meanwhile, Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for the Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization (AEOI), made it clear that Iran would “voluntarily” allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to reinstall in the coming days cameras at the TESA Karajm Complex. And after examining the cameras. In addition, the spokesman said Iran was interested in a “legal and security investigation into the extent of the damage from the attack against the facility last June that also damaged cameras set up by the IAEA on the spot as” Iran’s security experts fear the cameras at the site sabotaged it. ” This, in addition to condemning the IAEA for any attack and sabotage of Iran’s nuclear facilities. With the sanctions adopted in December 2020 and focusing on reducing the scope of IAEA operations in Iran and accelerating Iran’s nuclear program.

A crushing response against whoever will be an accomplice in the attack against Iran

In the “territory”, alongside and as an integral part of the diplomatic and propaganda activities related to the resumption of nuclear talks in Vienna, the Revolutionary Guards began a large-scale exercise – “The Great Prophet 17”. The exercise involves land, sea, air, cyber and space forces and some will also take place in the producers of Hormuz – a hint of Iran’s ability to block them if attacked.

A senior Iranian military official said the exercise was intended to increase the readiness of Revolutionary Guards units for battle and simulates a sophisticated and bridged plan of attack against Iran in various arenas and layouts. General ‘Alam Ali Rashid, commander of the military base of Khatam al-Anbiya in the Revolutionary Guards, promised a harsh response to any Israeli attack on Iran and stated “that any Israeli threat to Iran’s nuclear facilities or facilities is impossible without green light and US support.” He also implicitly warned the Gulf states that they would allow their passage to attack Iran, that if these threats were carried out, Iran’s armed forces would launch a crushing attack on all the centers, bases, spaces, access roads they used to attack Iran and those who attacked. Iran, based on Iran’s operational plans. “In the past, Iran has emphasized that it has a great deal of information on strategic bases and sites in Israel.

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