Netanyahu refused to freeze; When Jason Greenblatt pulled out an aerial photo of Itamar

In the first meeting with Netanyahu, Trump’s envoy presented an aerial photograph of Itamar and protested the houses scattered in the hills. “Why do you need this scattering? You are trying to take up more and more space and that is not acceptable.”

In his book “Trump’s Peace,” journalist Barak Ravid describes the first meeting between Trump’s envoy, Jason Greenblatt, and then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The meeting dealt with construction policy in Judea and Samaria and both sides sought to reach understandings on this issue, with Netanyahu seeking to build as much as possible and Trump’s representative seeking to freeze Israeli settlement as much as possible.

The meeting between Netanyahu and Greenblatt took place in Jerusalem a few weeks after the meeting between Trump and Netanyahu. Trump’s envoy sought to reach a formula that would include minimum construction in the settlements and in a way that would not undermine efforts to advance the peace process.

Greenblatt arrived at the first meeting armed with maps and other aids and clarified what mainly bothered the White House, he called it “Hill jumping”.

Barak Ravid describes: “When Netanyahu was innocent, the Greenblatt Prize on the table was an aerial photograph of the Itamar settlement in the depths of the West Bank and pointed to the houses scattered in the hills around the settlement. ‘Why do you need this dispersal? .

One of the proposals put forward by Greenblatt was that Israel should completely stop construction in ‘isolated’ settlements and continue it only in the large settlement blocs close to the Green Line.

“Netanyahu refused, he tried to erase the distinction made by a number of American and Israeli governments – including those led by him – between the blocs that will remain part of Israel and the isolated settlements that will be evacuated in a future agreement,” Ravid noted.

“After four meetings and nearly ten hours of discussions no agreement was reached. On Thursday, close to midnight after Greenblatt left for the airport, Netanyahu called on Chief of Staff Yoav Horowitz, Deputy Secretary of State Ronen Peretz and Political Adviser Yonatan Schechter. “Compartmentalization and secrecy and not updating the other consultants in the bureau,” Ravid said.

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