“Spread destruction in the region and in the world”: The Saudi.led coalition in the Hezbollah move

The Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis in Yemen today (Sunday) directly blamed the Lebanese Hezbollah organization for responsibility for the missiles and UAVs launched into Saudi territory and presented a video documenting Hezbollah operatives operating in Yemen.

After several days of fighting on both sides of the border, which included heavy bombing by coalition planes against Houthi targets in Sanaa and other areas and attacks by armed UAVs and ballistic missiles on Saudi territory that caused casualties, there is a coalition spokesman, Brigadier General Turkish Al-Malaki In which he directly pointed to Hezbollah and Iran as being responsible for the growing escalation and preventing the achievement of a political solution to the ongoing war.

Al-Maliki presented a video allegedly showing Hezbollah instructors training the Houthis on how to launch volleys of missiles and UAVs at facilities at Sanaa International Airport and how a senior Lebanese terrorist operative is giving instructions to hit vessels in the Red Sea.

“The Hezbollah terrorist organization has spread destruction in the region and around the world and is responsible for harming civilians in Saudi Arabia and Yemen,” the Saudi spokesman accused. “The war in Yemen is an intellectual, social and sectarian war, like the situation in Lebanon.”

Al-Maliki added that Iran “spreads a sectarian ideology in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.” “The Iranian regime is financing its arms in the region and is responsible for the destruction, and the Houthis are its arm in Yemen after they adopted its sectarian ideology,” a coalition spokesman said.

He accused Hassan Orlo, the Iranian ambassador to Yemen, of leading military operations in Yemen. Orlo, a Revolutionary Guardsman, died last week and the official version is that he died of Corona although there are estimates that he was killed.

According to the coalition data presented by al-Maliki, the Houthis have so far launched 851 UAVs and 430 ballistic missiles at Saudi territory. He also noted that the coalition destroyed a hundred Houthi vessels designed to disrupt traffic in the Red Sea and that the Houth “Coalition efforts have also contributed to securing sailing in the Red Sea,” he said.

Houthim (Photo: REUTERS / Khaled Abdullah)

Al-Maliki stressed that “the political solution in Yemen is the best solution,” but blamed the Houthis for “rejecting all UN efforts to resolve the crisis.” “, Said the senior officer, noting that coalition forces are monitoring the movements” around the clock “.

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