The People’s Party adopted declarations on revanchism and responsible management of mineral resources.  Jeremic re.elected president
Today, the Assembly of the People’s Party adopted declarations on revanchism and responsible management of Serbia’s mineral resources, the party said.“The People’s Party promises to ensure the adoption and strict implementation of laws and other regulations aimed at detecting, proving, disclosing, public condemnation and legal sanctions in accordance with the Constitution and the law of all individuals, groups and legal entities for acts violating human rights. the rights and freedoms of citizens, to whom citizens are subjected to abuse, “the party’s declaration on revanchism said.

He added that the sanction in accordance with the law refers “especially to acts committed by members of political groups and their associates who, by abusing their political power, public functions or social position, put themselves above the law and gained enormous wealth”.

“This aims to change the system and, through the legal determination of responsibility and decisively sanctioning of convicts without exceptions and opportunities for forgiveness, significantly reduce the risk of state power and political power being abused again in the future,” the declaration added.

The Declaration on Revanchism points out that it “includes the elimination of alienated centers of power, the prohibition of individuals from calling, activities or duties, and the prohibition of political parties and other organizations and associations that have grossly violated the country’s constitution and laws.” structures and their associates above the general interest of the whole society and all citizens “.

“The People’s Party promises that property for which the owners cannot present evidence of legal origin, and which was acquired through abuse of political power and other criminal acts, will be confiscated for the benefit of the Republic of Serbia and its citizens,” the Declaration on Revanchism reads.

With this document, the People’s Party undertook to pass a package of laws and systemic regulations in the first 100 days after the election of the new democratic government, primarily on lustration, examination of the origin of property and confiscation of illegally acquired property, special prosecutor for high corruption and political crime, public procurement. the professionalisation of public administration, public services and institutions and state-owned enterprises, and the deprivation of national television frequencies of broadcasters who have violated standards of objective and truthful reporting.

The Declaration on Responsible Management of Serbian Mineral Resources states that a moratorium will be introduced on the extraction of lithium and all other ores whose exploitation permanently and irreparably pollutes the environment and endangers the survival of humans, flora and fauna in a certain area.

“The duration of the moratorium will depend on the unquestionable confirmation of the complete environmental safety of technologies applied in practice in the most developed European countries, during the exploitation of ores in the same natural form as in our country, after which a broad public debate must be organized,” the declaration said.

It is added that the People’s Party will “revise all adopted plans, legal regulations and signed contracts regarding the exploitation of jadarite ore and lithium extraction, but also other ores on the basis of contracts and agreements that remained inaccessible to the public and may cause permanent damage to the population and environment.” in which they live “, as well as to publish all contracts and agreements.

The declaration emphasizes that all harmful contracts will be annulled and all regulations that deviate from those in developed countries of the European continent in the field of mining and environmental protection will be changed, and all spatial plans and all special purpose plans that enable mining will be subject to strict professional audit.

“We will equalize the amount of ore rent and ensure the treatment of our state resources and ores as the most developed European countries have. We will prevent the creation of extraterritories on Serbian soil, where domestic legislation and regulations are suspended, those extraterritories, “the declaration said.

The People’s Party will support development projects and investors who agree to work in accordance with new decisions and plans of responsible authorities, fully respecting all regulations, laws and the Constitution of Serbia, as well as transparent expert studies on environmental, economic and health aspects of these investments. in the Declaration of the People’s Party on Responsible Management of Serbian Mineral Treasures.

Jeremic was re-elected president of the People’s Party

Today, the Assembly of the People’s Party elected the party leadership, and Vuk Jeremic, who has been its leader since its founding on October 22, 2017, as its president.

According to the party, Miroslav Aleksic, Sinisa Kovacevic, Sanda Raskovic Ivic, Borislav Novakovic, former President of the Legal Council of the People’s Party Vladimir Gajic, as well as the President of the People’s Party in the Belgrade Assembly Marina Lipovac Tanaskovic and the President of the Nis City Board were elected vice presidents. Đordje Stanković.

Stefan Jovanovic was elected spokesman and general secretary of the People’s Party.

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