confirm the first death linked to the Omicron variant

Australia confirmed this Monday the first deceased from the country because of the Omicron variant of coronavirus. The case was confirmed by the authorities of that oceanic country, which was not immune to the rapid spread of the mutation that emerged in South Africa around the world.

The fatal victim is a man in his 80s with previous health problems and resident of the state of New South Wales. As reported by the heads of the regional health department, the deceased got infected in a senior center in which he was staying and already had received the full schedule of the Covid-19 vaccine.

“This was the first known death in NSW related to the worrisome Omicron variant,” regional epidemiologist Christine Selvey said in a video released by the government, in which two other deaths were also reported.

This Monday 6,324 new infected were announced in Australia. Photo EFE

Cases are on the rise in Australia, a trend that is partly explained by the higher demand for tests to detect Covid-19. The negative result is required by the regional authorities of the different territories that make up the country to allow the entry of travelers from within the oceanic nation. This Monday, per case, 6,324 new infected were announced.

For now, no restrictions

Despite the rising numbers, the Australian central government has stated that will no longer apply isolation restrictions to the populationWhile some regional governments, such as those of New South Wales and Victoria, have taken some measures such as reimposing the mandatory use of the mask indoors.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the oceanic country has accumulated more than 291,000 confirmed infections, including more than 2,160 deaths, low figures compared to other countries of similar size.

In the state of Victoria, almost 2,000 new cases were reported today, while in Queensland there were 784 and on the island of Tasmania there were 35.

This outbreak of cases occurs while more than 90% of the population has received the complete schedule of the vaccine, while in January the administration of booster doses will be accelerated.

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