After the deal with Egypt: The coalition in Germany will tighten defense exports

German Foreign Minister, Analana Barbuk, Announced that the new government is promoting a bill that would tighten controls on defense exports after Angela Merkel’s outgoing government completed a huge deal with Egypt in its last days in power. Under the coalition agreement between the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals, the new government will work to tighten exports of weapons to non-EU countries and NATO. According to Barbock, the government has already begun the first steps in implementing the decision.

“As a coalition, we have made it clear that we will look at the defense export policies of recent years,” Barbuk, a senior Green Party official, told the German news agency. “This is why we are passing a defense export control bill that will better clarify what criteria will be used to approve defense exports,” she added.

Just nine days before Merkel’s government ended her term earlier this month, approval was received for two deals worth about five billion euros – the sale of a submarine to Singapore and the sale of three ships and 16 air defense systems to Egypt. As a result, Germany’s defense exports peaked with deals worth € 9.04 billion in the past year.

The sale to Egypt aroused resentment due to the Egyptian government’s violation of human rights and the Greens protested that they did not receive an update from the outgoing government, to which the Social Democrats also led by the current chancellor, Olaf Schultz, Then the Minister of Economy who was a partner in approving the deals.

Rodrich Kieswater, one of the leading spokesmen for the Christian Democratic Union in the field of foreign policy, rejected the criticism of the approvals of the arms deals. “The federal government has acted within the framework of legal work,” he said. “That’s why the critical voices of the Greens and the left are nothing more than crocodile tears.”

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