Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta: Vučić and Rio Tinto are the same company, there is no giving up on the protest
Representatives of environmental associations announced today that they will not give up the protest due to the construction of a lithium mine after the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that the Jadar project will not be withdrawn.Earlier today, Vučić stated that the Jadar project will not be withdrawn, although “some opposition politicians” requested it.

Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta assessed for the Beta agency that the statement of the president is proof that Vučić and the company Rio Tinto are “the same company” and that the protests will continue until the Jadar project is deleted.

Rio Tinto found the wrong team for negotiations, because Vučić is not in charge of that. The people do not want that project, so the authorities should choose whether they will have a general rebellion or stand on the side of the people and end up with Rio Tinto and all those other companies. they are endangering Serbia, “Jovanovic said.

The vice-president of the association “Let’s not drown Jadar”, Zlatko Kokanović, said that the association will not stop protesting against that project either.

“We have been here much longer than the Jadar project. They have to kill us, because we will not move from here,” Kokanovic told Beta.

Dragan Simovic from Srednja Dobrinja near Pozega also said that the people would protest until Rio Tinto withdrew.

Rio Sava Exploration CEO Vesna Prodanovic said on December 23 that the company plans to stop the Jadar project and call for public dialogue to familiarize residents with all aspects of the project.

In an interview with the Beta agency, she said that the Jadar project is planned within the envisaged legal framework, but that no step will be taken that may further worry the residents.

Prodanovic said that 450 million US dollars have been allocated for the development of the Jadar project so far, out of the planned 2.4 billion dollars.

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