Today, the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) criticized the Ministry of Education of Serbia for the fall of the site “My High School” and assessed that it also speaks about the quality of computer services paid for by citizens.

The president of the SAA Board for Education, Natasa Zecevic, asked if the Ministry of Education, “together with all universities and institutes in its jurisdiction, does not have enough knowledge to develop software for processing a simple final exam for primary school?”.

She stated in the announcement that the Ministry for those affairs “has been hiring the same company for years without a tender,” Evolution online – EON doo “.

Zecevic also stated that the Ministry says that the company is “implementing the enrollment process with complete success, which makes them the only ones in our country with experience and knowledge of that kind” and that “that is why they apply the negotiation procedure without publishing, with only one company”.

“It is well known that server overload can possibly occur during online testing, but not during reading data and accessing test results, which speaks volumes about the quality of computer services we all pay for,” she said.

She criticized the fact that “they systematically neglect the interests and needs of children” and stated that, “instead of canceling testing and enrolling children on the basis of success in school, as proposed by the SAA, they mistreated them with a test for which they cannot no result to publish “.

Zecevic said that when the site “My high school” fell, more than 68,000 children and parents “in complete chaos were looking for information in schools

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