The President of Poland has vetoed the controversial media law

President of Poland Andrzej Aunt, Surprised today (Monday) when he vetoed the ruling party’s bill aimed at preventing non-European foreign entities from owning the country’s media, a move seen as an attempt to silence a critical TV channel. The amendment to the Communications Act is intended to prohibit foreign entities outside the European Economic Area from owning communications in the country. The move is aimed directly at TVN, which operates the TVN24 satellite news channel, which is known for its criticism of the Conservative government and is owned by the American Discovery.

The proposal was approved by the House of Representatives as early as last August, but the Senate vetoed it a month later. About ten days ago, without any prior notice, the ruling Law and Justice Party raised the proposal in the Culture and Communications Committee that rejected the Senate’s veto, and soon there was also a vote in the final plenum, in which 229 MPs voted for the veto against 212 opponents.

Last week there were huge demonstrations across the country, with thousands begging Auntie not to sign the proposal, and today the Polish president announced that he had decided to veto the amendment. He explained that he agreed that the bill was unpopular and that it was damaging to Poland in terms of foreign investment, and especially to its ties with the US. And find “solutions” that will limit the participation of foreign companies in the communications market.

In charge of the US Embassy in Warsaw Bix to him, Hurried to praise Auntie’s decision. “Thank you, Mr. President, for leadership and commitment to common democratic values ​​and for protecting the climate that enables investment in Poland,” the American diplomat tweeted. “Together, the Allies are stronger,” he concluded.

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