In 2021 over 11,000 illegal entries into Germany via Belarus

The number of refugees who entered Germany via Belarus fell significantly towards the end of the year. The German federal police announced on Monday that a total of 11,126 entries with a connection to Belarus had been determined by Sunday this year. After the peak of arrivals in October, there is now a clear downward trend. In December, 470 such entries were still registered.

The Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko is accused of having tried harder in recent months to smuggle refugees from the Middle East across the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia into the EU. The motive is therefore retaliation for European sanctions that are directed against human rights violations, as well as his non-recognition as the legitimate head of government of Belarus.

Poland continues to be alarmed

According to the Federal Police, Germany was affected from midsummer after there were only a total of 26 unauthorized persons with a connection to Belarus who entered the German-Polish border from January to July. In August there were already 474, in September 1,903 and in October 5,285. In November, 2,849 entries were registered. Due to the not yet updated data for the individual months, there is a slight deviation from the total for this year when adding up.

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