Aleksic: Candidates for the presidency of Serbia and the mayor of Belgrade in the second half of January
The Vice President of the People’s Party Miroslav Aleksic announced that the coalition consisting of that party, the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) and the Democratic Party (DS) will present the program and candidates for the presidency of Serbia and the mayor of Belgrade in the second half of January. and councilors.

“Our common goals are the fight for justice, the removal of the ridiculous, criminal and mafia regime, the fight against Rio Tinto and to establish a system in which citizens will be able to live normally,” Aleksic told Radio Television of Vojvodina today.

Aleksic pointed out that the opposition is going to the polls because the citizens “demand changes” and because there is no more time to wait for “election conditions like those in Switzerland”.

“In the elections, we will provide control and guardians of the ballot boxes. But the government is still preparing to steal and steal the elections, and if that happens, we will defend the electoral will of the citizens on the street,” Aleksic said.

He pointed out that the Declaration on Revanchism, adopted by the People’s Party Assembly on Sunday, implies that “those who have violated laws and moral rules will be held accountable”, and not citizens or members of parties forced by buses to applaud. rallies of the current ruling parties.

“There is no need to be afraid of anyone who worked in accordance with the law. An example of lustration is the president of the Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM), Olivera Zekić,” said Aleksić.

Aleksic stated that the Declaration of the People’s Party on Mineral Resources Management envisages the review and termination of all harmful contracts, and pointed out the difference between granting investigative rights to test ores and permits to open mines.

“The current government is a lobbyist for Rio Tinto, and in 2015 it changed the Law on Mining and Geological Research and created a problem with a provision according to which the right holder for research, if he submits a request, has the right to exploit ore. No one has done that before. “Local self-governments were wondering, which could have brought the ban,” Aleksic emphasized.

He estimated that the damage would be less if the compensation was paid to the company “Rio Tinto”, than to “destroy Serbia”, because, according to him, the income from agriculture in the area planned for the mine could be many times higher than the rent.

Aleksic pointed out that the People’s Party opposes the changes to the Constitution of Serbia and that the party assembly unanimously made such a decision, and that the citizens should decide on their conscience whether to go to the referendum on constitutional changes, scheduled for January 16, 2022.

“My position is that we should not take part in any game of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, because he did not call a referendum to vote ‘no’. “There will be people close to them in key positions in the judiciary who will protect them from justice and lustration,” Aleksic said.

The vice-president of the People’s Party pointed out the “big difference” between going to the referendum and the elections, scheduled for April 3, 2022, and added that the judiciary will be independent when “the mafia is no longer in power”.

“We will participate in the elections to get out of the political crisis, and the government wants to change the Constitution with institutions without legitimacy. The proposed constitutional changes will cement political influence on the judiciary. Everyone ignored the Venice Commission’s position that a referendum should not be called for a year. since the change of the Law on Referendum “, said Aleksić.

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