The death toll from the crash of the Florida Surface Tower in Florida has risen to nine, and rescue crews are continuing to search for more than 150 people still missing from the rubble. “It’s not enough,” the mother of one of the missing was angry with Governor Ron de Santis over the slow pace of searches. “Imagine your kids were there.“

Miami County Mayor Danielle Levin Kaba updated yesterday on the finding of four more bodies, after another body was discovered Saturday night and more human remains were found. As the hours go by, the hope of finding life fades. 152 people are still missing inside the remains of the tower that collapsed on Thursday morning. “My top priority is to continue the search and rescue, and save every life we ​​can,” she said. “Our crews work around the clock, as always. They have not stopped.”

But the relatives of the missing find it difficult to hide their frustration from the slow pace of the search. On the anger of the families, Levin Kaba said: “We work hard to bring information to the families. We want to be sure that they will not hear about it from the news. We talked to them about the developments, for example about discovered body parts. They understand how to take DNA samples, what happens With the coroner and how to update them. “

Despite the time that has passed since the collapse, many of the relatives of the missing refuse to give up and believe that survivors will be discovered. “The hope is that there will be miracles,” said Leo Soto, a close friend of Nicole Langsfeld, who is missing with her partner Luis Sadovnik. Magali Ramsey, whose mother Magali Delgado, 80, lived on the ninth floor, also noted that she does not lose hope for a miracle, but added: “People want to start understanding where these victims are, no matter what the outcome will be.“

Authorities announced the identities of three other victims, besides Stacey Fang, 54, whose name was released over the weekend. The couple Antonio (83) and Gladys (79) Luzano lived in apartment number 903. They had been married for 59 years and their grandson bitterly said they had always argued over which of them would die first. “It’s tragic, but also reassuring that in the end they got what they wanted, each other,” Brian Lausano said.

Manuel Laporte, 54, who lived in Apartment 801, was a businessman who worked with South American companies. He is survived by two children, ages 10 and 13, who were with their mother on the night of the disaster. “He was the most real person I knew,” his ex.wife Adriana told the font.

Many of the occupants of the northern Champlain Tower, near the collapsed southern tower, began to leave their apartments even though they were not instructed to do so. The reason: fear that their structure is also in danger. Mayor Levin Kaba has ordered an inspection in the coming month of all buildings built 40 years or more ago and located within Miami Dade County.

“We want to ensure that each building completes its re.approval process,” she said, “and we want to ensure we can address any issues that may arise in this process.“

President Joe Biden continues to monitor what is happening in Florida. “My heart is with the community at Surfside as they mourn their loved ones and wait anxiously as rescue and rescue efforts continue,” he tweeted Tuesday night. “I have spoken with Governor de Santis, and informed him that we are ready to provide assistance to state and local authorities as needed.“

The Israeli delegation in Miami (Photo: GIORGIO VIERA, AFP via Getty Images)

The Israelis arrived: “We came to extend field assistance to the community and government in Florida”

Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai arrived in Surfside yesterday with the Home Front Command’s assistance delegation. “I am proud to stand here as a representative of the Israeli government, alongside this elite delegation, and with the help of our friends in the United States in these difficult days,” he said. “We will work together to help the community and government officials in Florida.“

The joint small delegation to the IDF and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is headed by the commander of the National Rescue and Rescue Unit, Col. Engineering and the population.

The IDF says that the mission of the delegation is to assist in life.saving efforts by mapping the victims and survivors and supporting the local rescue forces. The members of the Israeli delegation have extensive experience in dealing with destruction sites in various parts of the world.

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