Denver shooting campaign: Four were shot dead and three wounded, the suspect killed

Four people were killed last night and at least three others were injured when an gunman carried out a shooting spree at several arenas in the Denver, Colorado area. The suspect was killed after an exchange of fire with police forces at the end of a long-lasting chase.

According to police, the incident began around 5 p.m., when two women were killed and another man was injured after the suspect opened fire at the intersection of Broadway and First Avenue in downtown Denver. From there he continued towards the Chisman Park neighborhood and killed another person. The suspect also opened fire on the campus area of ​​Denver Hospital, but there were no casualties.

When the police identified the suspect’s vehicle, they tried to stop him and a shootout ensued during which one of the vehicles was hit. The suspect fled toward Lakewood, on the western outskirts of Denver, where he opened fire on a business at a major intersection, killing a fourth person.

Another attempt by police to arrest the suspect led to another shootout, however the suspect managed to dodge and fled on foot. He fired at another business before entering the Hyatt Hotel, where he shot at the receptionist whose injuries are still unclear. When the suspect left the scene, he ran into a police officer and shot him and it was reported that the police officer needed surgery.

After another exchange of fire, more than an hour after the start of the shooting spree, the police were able to eliminate the suspect. So far, it is still unclear what the motives were for the killing spree. “We need to dig deeper and find out what the motive was,” the Denver police chief said.

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