Chief of CB Bar: The man who threatened the bomb did not have that weapon with him
The head of the Bar Security Center, Veselin Tabaš, stated that Edin Begzić, who today threatened to drop a bomb because of which he was evacuated for hours, did not have a real weapon with him.

Former Primorka workers and families helped the police in negotiations with Edin Begzic, he said.

Tabas also told reporters that Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic had communication with Begzic.

“From the beginning, we got in touch with him and the negotiating team of the Police Administration conducted negotiations that resulted in positive results,” Tabas said.

He pointed out that the danger did not threaten the people, as well as that there were no endangered people in the branch office during the crisis.

“The person made some requests related to the payment of money to former workers of Primorka Bar. He did not make requests only for himself, but for all former workers, as if he was doing it for all workers who have been making some requests for many years,” Tabas said.

Edin Begzić, who threatened to detonate explosives in front of a bank branch in Bar this morning, surrendered, the police announced earlier today.

Earlier today, Bar police evacuated a part of the city due to the threat of a man to activate explosives.

This morning, the police evacuated the employees in the neighboring business premises and the tenants of the building in which the bank is located.

He affixed the inscription “Return the money you stole from the workers of Primorka” to the bank branch.

Begzic previously provided the media with a video from YouTube, in which, introducing himself as the son of the former giant Primorka’s giant, he called on the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the Speaker of the Assembly, to help resolve the situation with the bank, claiming multimillion damage.

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