Aleksic: Revanchism is a condition for reconciliation, the law must apply equally to all
The Vice President of the People’s Party, Miroslav Aleksic, stated today that revanchism, carried out according to the law and without exceptions, against all those who abused political power, violated laws and plundered the state, is a condition for reconciliation, unity and establishing Serbia as a normal, democratic and rich state.“We cannot reconcile if we have a political elite for which the laws do not apply and which does what it wants. The SNS government has abolished responsibility. When the law applies equally to everyone, then we will reconcile Serbia. The People’s Party’s declaration on revanchism means that “Everyone who has harmed the state and citizens by performing political and other public functions is held accountable,” Aleksic told H1 television.

Aleksic specified that revanchism does not refer to citizens and members of the SNS who were forced and blackmailed to take buses and applaud the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, but to mean responsibility for violating the law and moral norms.

“The one who put doctor Divna Simović Šiljković on the list for dismissal at the Health Center in Gornji Milanovac because she is active in a trade union or political party must be held accountable. Revenge also applies to people like REM Council President Olivera Zekić, who abuse her functions and they are breaking the law. They must be under the impact of justice, “Aleksic said.

Aleksic assessed that Vucic “is weak and his popularity is declining” and that there is no chance for the SNS to win the elections for the Belgrade Assembly, but that “the regime is preparing to steal elections” and therefore citizens and the opposition must be ready to physically defend the election results in Belgrade. and throughout Serbia.

“It turned out that the people have a lot of strength, and Vučić showed weakness when he withdrew the laws on expropriation and referendum. It is important that citizens go to the polls on April 3, because most are those who do not support the government. Fuel prices have risen this year “22 percent, food 20 percent, electricity percent, inflation is wild, public debt is never higher, GDP has increased by only three billion euros in 10 years, and new 15 billion loans have been taken,” said Aleksić.

I would like everything to be peaceful and the government to change in pencil in the elections, but we cannot squint and pretend to be crazy, because we are dealing with a criminal and mafia regime. Elections, unfortunately, will not be enough to change the government. The regime is ready to do everything to preserve power, because they know that after the changes, they will be brought to justice, which we called revanchism “, added Aleksić.

The vice president of the People’s Party pointed out that the coalition of that party, SAA and DS will be the largest opposition column and that in the second half of January he will present the program and candidates for president of Serbia and mayor of Belgrade, as well as the list of candidates.

“It is a great and important thing that the Assembly of Free Serbia has joined us and that gives us even more strength. After the New Year, more local organizations will join us. In the first 30 places on the list will be ten non-partisan personalities, because our goal is not to sit in armchairs than to fight together for a change of the system with respectable intellectuals and people proven in their professions “, said Aleksić.

Aleksic stated that after the elections on April 3, nothing will be the same and that that day will be a turning point.

Aleksic said that the People’s Party took a clear position at the Sunday party assembly to oppose the proposed changes to the Serbian Constitution, and that it called on the citizens to decide on their conscience whether to go to a referendum on January 16, 2022.

“The vice president of the People’s Party, Vladimir Gajic, has the democratic right to invite citizens to a referendum, but in his personal name, not in the name of the party. The People’s Party will not participate in referendum-related activities,” Aleksic said.

Aleksic stated that the Declaration of the People’s Party on Responsible Management of Mineral Treasures of Serbia envisages the introduction of a moratorium on lithium mining, because opening a mine would mean poisoning the land, water and air, and because there is “no economic justification” for a lithium mine.

“The land planned for the lithium mine could bring 80 million euros from agriculture, and the state would get between seven and 15 million euros from the lithium mine, at best, because all the profit would be taken by Rio Tinto, which would poison everything around.” “Some people in Tuscany say ‘you have lithium, let’s destroy everything.’ is Aleksic.

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