Spokesman for the Revolutionary Guards: “The process of the fall of the Zionist regime has reached its important part”

The Iranian-affiliated Tasnim news agency today (Wednesday) quoted Revolutionary Guards spokesman General Ramzan Sheriff as saying that “the process of the fall of the Zionist regime has reached its most important part in the last 70 years.” He said these things during a public event.

According to the general, world arrogance and the Zionists were so frightened by the axis of resistance that they assassinated the senior Iranian commander, Qassem Suleimani.

The spokesman further noted that “the blood of the saints and the resistance of the people will frustrate the Zionists and the enemies of Islam”.

Iranian President: Iranian response will change the strategic equation

On December 28, we published on the website of the Jerusalem Center for Public and State Affairs the words of the President of Iran at the end of the large-scale military exercise that focused on Israel’s threats to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. Raisi said that any action on the part of the enemy would be answered.

Raisi summed up the exercise and praised the Revolutionary Guards.

The latest exercises were conducted in southern Iran in the Persian Gulf region with the participation of ground, air and naval forces of the Revolutionary Guards.

“The exercises are a sign of the will and ability of the Iranian forces to defend the interests and security of the Iranian nation,” he said, praising the efforts of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards for their role in maintaining the security of the Iranian nation.

Finally, he warned the “enemy” that any hostile move would be answered severely and appropriately, noting that “a decisive response by the armed forces of Iran awaits any hostile action and it will significantly change the strategic equations.”

Tehran (FNA) – Iranian President Sayed Ibrahim Reissi stressed that any hostile move by the enemies would receive such a rigid response from Iran’s armed forces that would change the strategic equations in the form

The “Great Prophet 17” exercises began on December 20 along the coastlines of southern Iran in the districts of Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormuzgan.

The Revolutionary Guards successfully launched some 16 ballistic missiles on December 24 in the final phase of the great exercises of the Great Prophet 17.

Emad, Qadr, Sejil, Zelzal, Dezful and Zolfaqar missiles were fired to attack the assimilated positions of imaginary enemies, which destroyed the targets with 100 percent accuracy, according to Iranian news agencies.

Improving the capabilities of solid rocket-propelled rocket launchers for enemy missile shields, as well as simultaneous missile firing and combat-ready upgrades, were among the special features of the final phase of the “Great Prophet 17” joint exercises.

The chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Muhammad Hussein Bakri, said that the “Great Prophet 17” exercises of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) were conducted in response to threats from the Israeli regime.

“In this exercise, 16 missiles fired from various platforms accurately hit Sartin’s target,” General Becker told reporters on Friday.

“The maneuver of the great prophet was conducted in response to the latest empty threats of the Zionist regime in Israel,” he reiterated.

General Bakri also said that the military maneuver showed only a small part of the missile capability of the Islamic Republic.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the exercises, Brigadier General Nilforoshan, said that the Revolutionary Guards forces had practiced infiltrating “enemy” aircraft with the offensive electronic warfare.

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