In the presence of the masses: Violators of the Corona regulations in China went through a parade of shame in the streets

Authorities in southern China today (Wednesday) forced four people to hold a public “shame march” after they were accused of violating guidelines to fight the corona plague, with the country facing the worst outbreak since the closure in Wuhan nearly two years ago. Photographs from Jingxi City showed four people, wearing masks and wearing protective suits, carrying signs with their name and picture, each accompanied by two policemen. Armed police officers surrounded the area, while residents watched the disgraceful sight.

The Chinese government has banned public shame marches for criminal suspects in 2010, after human rights activists demanded for years to stop the practice. However, as part of the tightening of measures in the fight against Corona, many local governments across China have begun returning the marches to deter those who violate the rigid regulations.

The documentation was released as China faces the worst eruption since the closure on Wuhan was lifted in April 2020. Today, 152 new cases were reported, with all but one identified in the city of Xi’an, which is entering the second week of the overall closure. In all, close to a thousand new cases have been identified at its peak since December 9th.

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