Iranian official admits: “Iranian satellite launch has not achieved its goal”

The Iranian space mission failed after the missile failed to reach the required speed, a Defense Ministry spokesman in Tehran confirmed today (Friday). “For the missile to enter its orbit, it has to reach speeds of over 7,600 (meters per second). We have reached 7,350,” he said.

As you may recall, Iran launched a launch vehicle with three research instruments into space yesterday, but it was not clear if they were able to enter Earth’s orbit. Ahmad Husseini, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said that the “Seymurg” rocket carried the three devices at a distance of 470 km, and that “the function of the space center and the function of the satellite carrier were proper”.

Husseini noted that the research objectives intended for this launch had been achieved, adding: “By adapting the data and adapting the functions, the planning required for the operational launch will be made.”

Meanwhile, France condemned the Iranian space experiment. The French Foreign Ministry said the satellite launch violated UN Security Council resolutions, ‚ÄúThese activities are all the more unfortunate as they come as we move forward in the nuclear negotiations in Vienna. We call on Iran not to launch additional ballistic missiles designed to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons, including space launchers. ”

The U.S. State Department said Washington was aware of the launch reports, adding that such launches run counter to the UN Security Council resolution anchoring the 2015 nuclear deal. A German diplomat said such launches could be used to test technology for ballistic missiles that could in principle be used to transfer weapons nuclear.

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