At the traditional swimming in Pula, swimmers congratulated their fellow citizens on the New Year with champagne
Forty bathers swam the usual winter route on Pula ‘s Mornar beach on the first day of the New Year, toasting their fellow citizens at noon in order not to repeat the 2021 epidemic.Experienced winter swimmers undressed without hesitation and entered the sea, which was not too cold for this time of year, with an air temperature of nine degrees Celsius and with the support of fellow citizens.

By opening several bottles of champagne, they wished all fellow citizens a happy and successful 2022 and set off from the coast, Hina reported.

“There are about ten of us who bathe constantly in winter. There are more and more young people, unlike thirty years ago, when the older ones prevailed. We enjoy it. We do this because we love challenges, it’s nice to hang out and therefore, why not take a bath on the first day of the year. By the way, we swim all year round, and this year we wish our fellow citizens only good and beautiful things “, said the most experienced.

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