Pope Francis: “The path of peace is still far from real life”

“How beautiful are the feet of the messenger announcing peace on the mountains: the words of the prophet Isaiah express the consolation, the sigh of relief of an exiled people, exhausted by violence and abuse, exposed to indignity and death” . His Holiness, Pope Francis, writes this in the message for the 55th World Day for Peace. “The prophet Baruch wondered about it: ‘Why are you in an enemy land and have grown old in a foreign land? Why have you defiled yourself with the dead and are among those who descend into hell? ‘. For these people, the advent of the messenger of peace meant the hope of a rebirth from the rubble of history, the beginning of a bright future “, underlines the Holy Father.

“Even today, the path of peace, which St. Paul VI called with the new name of integral development, unfortunately remains far from the real life of so many men and women and, therefore, of the human family, which is now completely interconnected”, he adds. Francis.

For the Pontiff “in every age, peace is both a gift from above and the fruit of a shared commitment. There is, in fact, an ‘architecture’ of peace, where the various institutions of society intervene, and there is a peace craftsmanship that involves each of us personally. Everyone can collaborate to build a more peaceful world: starting from one’s heart and relationships in the family, in society and with the environment, up to relationships between peoples and between the states”.

“Here I would like to propose three ways to build lasting peace. First, dialogue between generations, as a basis for the realization of shared projects. Secondly, education, as a factor of freedom, responsibility and development. Finally, work for the full realization of human dignity. These are three essential elements to ‘give life to a social pact’, without which every peace project turns out to be inconsistent “, he concludes.

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