The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, received US Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken (Anthony) in the Vatican today, and that meeting is a sign of “diplomatic calm” after the tension that prevailed during the time of US President Donald Trump.

Blinken visited the Sistine Chapel before meeting with the pope, and talked with the pope about Venezuela and migrants.

A spokesman for the Holy See, Matteo Bruni, assessed that the meeting was held in a “cordial atmosphere”.

Blinken praised Pope Francis’ “strong leadership” regarding the corona virus pandemic, climate change, the challenge of illegal migration and refugees “based on the defense of” human freedom “.

The American minister, who is of Jewish origin and married a Catholic, wrote on Twitter that he was impressed by the “spiritual” atmosphere in the Sistine Chapel.

In 2016, the Pope, criticizing Trump’s pre-election promise to build a wall on the US-Mexican border, said that “it is not a Christian who wants to build walls, not bridges”, while Trump criticized the Pope for not understanding US problems.

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