Environmental activists have announced three.hour roadblocks at several locations today
Environmental activists who are against the exploitation of lithium have announced three-hour roadblocks at several locations today.

According to the announcements, blockades are planned in Brezjak near Gornji Nedeljice, in Novi Sad, Sabac, as well as on the loop near Preljina, on the Zlatibor road near Uzice and in the place of sand between Kosjerić and Požega.

“This is what we know for now, the people who contacted us and with whom we agreed on the blockades,” Zlatko Kokanovic, a representative of the “Don’t Give Up Jadar” association, told H1 television on Sunday.

Kokanovic also mentioned that “there may be another (blockade), unplanned”.

He added that the plan of the Federation of Environmental Associations is to start with the blockades from 1 pm to 4 pm.

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