A tiger attacks a zoo worker in Florida – a police officer is forced to shoot him …
An unusual incident at a Florida zoo: In a call that reached the Florida Police Department from the Naples Zoo, River Rosenquist, a 26-year-old cleaning company employee, called for help. An 8-year-old tiger known at the zoo as Eco bit the worker’s hand on the spot and did not let go.The policeman called to the zoo tried to distract the tiger. When that did not help, he was forced to make the difficult decision and shoot him. “He made the right decision and should be honored for going in there and saving the young man’s life,” said Ron Miguel of the zoo. “It was very clear as in the case of any outside company with us – their work is very specific and they are not supposed to be in forbidden areas,” added Jake Molbina, the garden director.

Rosenquist’s job was to clean the gift and toilet shop. Despite this, after closing the garden he entered the tiger enclosure in violation of the rules and put his hand in the cage to feed Echo. “I’m sorry,” the employee said. “It was a bad mistake and a bad decision, but we wish him well and recover,” said the director of the Molvina Zoo.

Despite the wishes, the young employee may find himself legally complicated. Echo was a stock tiger, an endangered species from which only 200 individuals remain around the world. “Watching something like this horrible series ‘Bad Animals’ and seeing people hugging puppies and playing with tigers, and people thinking ‘I can too,'” added Ron Zoo.

In the meantime, Rosenquist has a long rehabilitation journey ahead of him, but he is expected to recover. At the same time, the damage done to the world’s tiger population may be irreversible.

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