Members of the Syrian army are angry with Russia: “Allows Israeli airstrikes”

The wave of attacks attributed to Israel in Syria is causing controversy and internal tensions between various elements in the country, which is still in a state of civil war, and the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar claimed today (Monday) that senior Syrian military officials expressed displeasure with Russia’s conduct.

A senior military source was interviewed by the Lebanese newspaper, which is affiliated with the terrorist organization Hezbollah, and told the newspaper that Moscow ignores and even allows the attacks to continue as long as its people are not harmed. “The Israelis are hitting targets that are right inside the Russian presence area and they are not even responding to the missile interception,” the military source protested to the newspaper.

In addition, the military source claimed: “Russia is furiously silent about the use made by the Israeli enemy in the presence of transport planes or Russian informants in Syrian skies to carry out the attacks, in a way that prevents Syrian air defense systems from responding to the attack.”

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