The SBB Foundation donated a car to the charity BELhospice
Today, the SBB Foundation donated Smart Car to BELhospice, the first specialized charity in Serbia to provide palliative care to patients with malignant diseases at an advanced stage.The foundation announced that it has now traditionally, for a full 10 years, on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, sent donations to institutions and organizations that are fighting for a better tomorrow.

“We have allocated a total of 10,000 euros in donations this year as well, this time for the humanitarian organizations BELhospice, Evo ruka and Women’s Center Uzice,” said CSR director of the United Group and director of the SBB Foundation Jovana Lukic.

She stressed the importance of supporting such organizations.

“In order to really initiate positive changes in society, it is very important to support organizations that provide help, shelter and care to endangered categories of the population,” Lukic said.

She pointed out that BELhospice is one of them, and expressed her belief that the car will make their daily care of patients easier.

BELhospice, thanks to its team of medical and social workers, as well as psychologists, provides specialized services to oncology patients in advanced stages of the disease, the statement said.

It also provides support to their families by educating them on how they should take care of themselves and patients.

“This donation means a lot to us and we thank the SBB Foundation for its support, because our four mobile teams, which take care of patients on home treatment, currently use only two vehicles,” said the executive director of the BELhospice center Vera Madžgalj.

She emphasized that the organization will now have better access to users, which, as she said, enables more efficient provision of services to all patients.

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