Nikezic (SAA): Official statistics in Serbia falsify data on economic results

Official statistics in Serbia continue to falsify data on economic results, but the authorities will not help in the April elections because the reality is different and citizens do not live by false promises, said today the chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (SAA) Dusan. Nikezic.

“While our energy system is in disrepair, the state is over-indebted, the economy is in uncertainty, and prices are going wild while the people are grappling with poverty, official statistics in the first projection for 2021 continue to fabricate data and falsify results,” Nikezic said in a press release. .

He added that statistics showed that construction growth of 17.1 percent was achieved in 2021, and that it is known that most construction works are state infrastructure projects, which as a rule have two to three times higher prices than market ones, “it is clear that inflated prices of construction works enter the gross domestic product (GDP) and create a false image of its growth “. As Nikezic said, the data on the growth of goods transportation of 23.9 percent or the growth of catering services of as much as 72.7 percent sound equally incredible, and a huge growth of mining of 27.5 percent was recorded.

He said that at the moment we do not know whether it is a consequence of digging mud and tailings for the thermal power plant ‘Nikola Tesla’ (TENT) in Obrenovac, which led to the collapse of electricity production, or excessive exploitation of copper in Bor, but in any case it is an extremely dangerous indicator “. “It is also dangerous that the use of forests increased by as much as eight percent last year, while agriculture decreased by five percent, which additionally indicates the stepmotherly attitude of this government towards Serbia’s natural resources,” Nikezic said. According to him, the annual inflation rate is estimated at 7.8 percent, but the increase in prices of industrial products is 9.2 percent, and agricultural products as much as 21.1 percent, so the Fiscal Council estimated that inflation for poor households in Serbia is already has now reached 15 percent, and “as the trend of income depreciation continues, it is clear that the number of poor will increase dramatically in 2022 as well.” “Therefore, this government will continue to falsify all important economic indicators, but this practice will not help them much in the April elections, as it is impossible for the people to feed on falsified GDP growth, warm up with false promises of economic prosperity. pensions consumed by inflation “, said Nikezić.

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