“Very unfortunate”: North Korea has launched another ballistic missile

North Korea launched another ballistic missile off the east coast during the night (Tuesday through Wednesday), just hours before the president of their southern neighbor. The military experiment took place just hours before the South Korean president, Moon Jia In, Participated in the launch of a groundbreaking venture – a railway line he hopes will eventually connect the two Korean peninsulas. As mentioned, this is the first launch of the most isolated country in the world in several months.

The South Korean chief of staff announced that the missile was launched at 8:10 a.m. from a land point over the country’s west coast, and aimed at the sea. Call on North Korea to return to diplomatic talks.

The Japanese defense minister noted that the suspected ballistic missile had traveled a distance of about 500 kilometers. “Since last year, North Korea has repeatedly launched missile launches, which is very unfortunate,” the Japanese prime minister said. Pumio Kishida In a conversation with journalists. South Korean President Moon Jia-in said after the launch that he did not give up hope of having any diplomatic dialogue with his northern neighbor.

As you may recall, last October the North Korean leader said, Kim jong un, During the ‘Security Development Exhibition’ in Korea, that the development of its country’s weapons is necessary – in view of the hostile United States policy, and the arms race in South Korea “which undermines the stability of the peninsula”. According to Jong Un, Pyongyang has increased its military arsenal for defense purposes rather than combat. “We are not discussing war but how to prevent it and how to increase our deterrence in order to protect our sovereignty,” he said.

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