Patriarch Porphyry’s Christmas Message: Message to Serbs in Kosovo and Measures Against the Crown

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC), Patriarch Porfirio, said in a Christmas message to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, the Serbian “spiritual and national cradle”, that the Church knows about their temptations and will always be with them.

In a message to be read on Christmas Day, January 7, in all SOC temples, Patriarch Porphyry also called on everyone to “adhere to reasonable measures and recommendations” of the competent institutions against the spread of coronaviruses, but also “reminded everyone to avoid exclusivity and respect human freedoms “.

“In the festive joy of Christmas, with special pastoral care and responsibility, we send fatherly greetings and prayers for our sisters and brothers in the homeland and abroad, wherever Orthodox Serbs live, and especially those in Kosovo and Metohija, our spiritual and national cradle.” said the patriarch of Porphyry.

“We are telling them to know about their temptations that are still going on, but that their Mother Church has been with them until now and will always be,” he said.

“Today we are spiritually and prayerfully with all of you in every place of your life,” added Patriarch Porphyry.

“Every Orthodox home becomes a small Bethlehem in which the meaning of Christmas Eve and the warmth of straw permeates us, in which we sing a sublime song together: ‘Your birth, Christ our God, illuminates the world with the light of reason,'” added Patriarch Porphyry.

He pointed out in the epistle that Christmas is celebrated “in a world filled with fear and unrest, an atmosphere of misunderstanding, mistrust and intolerance, all the way to the exclusivity stemming from the advanced culture of selfishness and the representation of individualism.”

“Essentially,” as he put it, “the top values ​​of the global consumer mentality.”

“In addition, in a world of constant change, in which the only thing that does not deviate is from the fear of losing life security, today’s man does not seem to be substantially helped by achievements in medicine, industry and technology,” said Patriarch Porfirio.

All this, the patriarch added, “speaks of the atmosphere that was prophetically described by the Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić, saying that the real and greatest danger is not in the dangers that really threaten us, but in the fear that is in us.”

“Let us remove the shadow of fear despite the difficulties and celebrate the birth of the Godman with firm faith in God, whose New Testament name Emmanuel strengthens us with his powerful literal meaning, God is with us,” Patriarch Porphyry said in his Christmas message.

The Patriarch of Porphyry pointed out that the Serbian Orthodox Church “congratulates Christmas with exceptional respect and gratitude to all doctors and health workers, for whom it offers prayers to the Infant Christ.”

“I also pray for the sick to recover as soon as possible and for the contagion that invaded the world to pass,” said Patriarch Porphyry.

As he stated, the Church also prays that “we, Orthodox Christians, no longer fear for our lives and do not give in to the dangers of the disease caused by the spread of the virus, but have firm trust in God, the true Doctor of our souls and bodies.” .

Also, “that the feeling of fear, encouraged by the recommended ‘social distance’, does not hinder us from doing what is for the benefit of our neighbors and the community to which we belong in every way: spiritual, family, business”.

“For us Orthodox Christians, the lesson is permanent: ‘You saw the face of your brother, you saw your God,'” Patriarch Porphyry emphasized.

According to him, “it was coined by centuries of examination of our divine nature, always focused on communion with God, brothers and sisters, and all nature.”

“The Church therefore calls on everyone to adhere to reasonable measures and recommendations of governments and other competent institutions in the countries and areas where our people live during the pandemic, but it also reminds everyone to avoid exclusivity and respect human freedom as the highest and most valuable The gift of God given to man “, said the patriarch of Porphyry.

“Bearing in mind,” added the patriarch of Porphyry, “the call of the Apostle Paul: ‘Therefore stand firm in the freedom with which Christ has set us free, and do not allow yourself to be caught in the yoke of slavery,’ let us remain free but no less responsible, guarding others. and myself “.

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