Senior Iranian official: Israel understands that there is no point in attacking Iran

Deputy Commander of the Revolutionary Guards continued the rhetoric of senior Iranian officials following the exercise in the south of the country • “Israel will build what the United States understood after 43 years – the revolution cannot be defeated”

On December 31, the Persian news agency Tasnim published the words of the Deputy Commander of the Revolutionary Guards to coordinate Home Front Admiral Ali Fadawi regarding Israel and its threats to Iran’s nuclear program.

According to Fadawi, the latest military exercise carried out by the Revolutionary Guards in southern Iran made Israel (the Zionist regime) understand that there was no point in taking any military action against the Islamic Republic. You said things in a speech to the worshipers of the Friday prayer in Tehran.

He added that the Israeli enemy is frustrated by Iran’s power.

Fadawi went on to say that Israel understood that it could not do anything against Iran because the Americans had failed to do anything, 43 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

“Like the helpless, the Americans have now resorted to other methods of fighting the Islamic Revolution that expose their frustration,” the commander said.

In November, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, General Hussein Salami, referred to the possibility of war with Israel and ruled out this possibility: “The enemy was disappointed by the military action against the Islamic Republic.”

Earlier in September, the Revolutionary Guards commander said the U.S. was unable to take military action against Tehran and warned that reconciliation would not prevent the U.S. from trying to harm the country.

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