Nelson: Today’s sanctions emphasize the Biden administration’s commitment to the Western Balkans
The US Ambassador to BiH, Eric Nelson, stated that today’s introduction of American sanctions against the Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, and Banja Luka’s Alternative Television emphasizes the commitment of the administration of President Joseph Biden to the Western Balkans.Nelson pointed out that “Dodik’s destabilizing actions and his corruption pose a threat to the stability of BiH, but also of the entire region.”

“Today’s actions of the US Treasury Department’s Office of Overseas Property Control, the first implementation of Extended Executive Order 14,033, underscores Biden’s administration’s commitment to the Western Balkans and holding those responsible for undermining the Dayton Peace Accords and engaging in corrupt activities,” he said. Nelson, addressing the citizens of BiH.

Speaking about the State Department’s sanctions against Mirsad Kukić (PDA) and former President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) Milan Tegelti, Nelson said that they would not be allowed to enter the United States due to their involvement in significant corrupt activities.

“By their actions, Tegeltija and Kukić undermined the rule of law and the public’s trust in democratic institutions of government and public processes,” said the American ambassador to BiH.

Nelson stressed that corruption poses an “existential threat to BiH”.

Both Dodik and Tegeltija and Kukic have all shamelessly abused their position for their own enrichment, for the enrichment of their families and political allies, and the support networks they use. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, corruption is an existential threat to the very structure of the state built over the past twenty-six as well as threatening the country’s Euro-Atlantic future, “the US ambassador said.

Nelson said that today’s actions of the USA are a warning to those who could be a threat to the sovereignty of BiH.

“What the US government has done today is a warning to those who could be a threat to the stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH due to personal or political goals,” he said.
He added that the United States will continue to analyze what “additional sanctions are necessary to fight endemic corruption, which undermines the potential of BiH or make it known that activities such as the adoption of the new Law on Medicines and Medical Devices of Republika Srpska are unacceptable attacks on the state and stability of the country “.

“The United States will act without hesitation against those who deal with corruption, destabilization and divisions at the expense of BiH citizens, as well as against those who enable or help such behavior with their own activities and those of companies and businesses they use,” Nelson concluded.

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