“Let them save themselves”: An Iranian official with a firm message to the United States and a threat of a dramatic move

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, Admiral Ali Tangsiri, sent a threatening message today (Thursday) to the American forces, declaring that his country would close Egypt to Hormuz. In a statement to the Iranian media, he said that “American forces must leave the Gulf to save their lives.”

Meanwhile, Tangsiri admitted that the Ein al-Assad base in western Iraq, where American forces are stationed, was a key target for an Iranian attack and response. His remarks come amid a failed drone strike on the base last Tuesday, marking two years since the assassination of Qassem Suleimani, a former Quds Force commander.

As mentioned, since the summer of 2020, about 2,500 American soldiers and a thousand soldiers of the coalition forces are still staying on Iraqi soil. This, in order to continue to guide the Iraqi forces. In addition, some 900 U.S. troops are still deployed in northeastern Syria, at al-Tanf base, near the Jordanian-Iraqi border.

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