Protest on social media in Syria following the murder of a woman by her husband and his parents

A new hashtag on social media demands justice for the murdered, and violence against women in Syria in general: # حق_ايات_الرفاعي
19-year-old Ayat married at a young age, lived in the Mujahid neighborhood in central Damascus and was the mother of a one-year-old baby, she was beaten to death by her husband, father and mother.

Her husband planned to remarry and the three often enslaved her to abuse and beat her even while she was pregnant. Neighbors testified on Twitter that the family treated her like a slave from the beginning, and enslaved her, in cooking, even though there were more men in the house she was the one who went down to throw the garbage and wait in line for bread and dragged heavy gas tanks to the fifth floor. To visit her parents.

On the day of the murder, New Year’s Eve, they beat her with sticks and hit her head on the wall and left her in the room until the nephew arrived after an hour and entered the room to fetch an iron, telling them she was not alive.
The family gave a bribe at the hospital so that the cause of death would be recorded as suicide as if she herself had banged her head against the walls, but investigators found bruises all over her body and arrested the husband and both parents.

In their confession after they were arrested, the husband claimed that they murdered Ayat because “we no longer liked her behavior.” Hama testified that the quarrel was about a hot water bottle, and about a lost screwdriver. Bamboo sticks with irons confiscated were also found in the apartment, which were confiscated for further investigation.

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