Gunmen have killed at least 140 people in Nigeria, locals say
Gunmen have killed at least 140 people in several attacks this week in the state of Zamfara in northwestern Nigeria, locals told Agence France-Presse today.“We buried a total of 143 people killed by bandits in those attacks,” said one of those locals, Balarab Alhaji, the leader of one of the villages in the Zamfara state where the attacks took place.

Authorities have not yet confirmed this balance.

Hundreds of armed men on motorcycles carried out attacks in ten villages in Anka and Bukuyum districts on Wednesday and Thursday, opening fire on locals, looting and setting houses on fire, residents of those places told AFP.

One of the residents of the village of Kurfa Danja, Babandi Hamidu, said that these armed people, who are locally called bandits, shot at everyone they saw in the village.

“More than 140 people are buried in those ten villages and other bodies are being searched for because many are listed as missing,” Hamidu said.

A resident of another village, Idi Musa, said the death toll was huge and mentioned the figure of 150 people killed by bandits. The fourth resident spoke about the same balance.

The four locals said they attended the funerals of the victims in their villages.

The northwest and the center of Nigeria have been the target of criminal gangs for the last few years, attacking, robbing and kidnapping villagers who are stealing cattle and burning houses.

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