Against the backdrop of the faltering nuclear talks, military tensions between the United States and Iran are growing, through the Shiite militias it operates in Iraq and Syria.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who attended the Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Rome against ISIS in Iraq, stated that “there are other significant issues to be resolved in the Vienna talks.” Announced that “the Iranians must return to cooperating with the agency and allow its immediate access to the facilities.“

Benjamin Netanyahu attacks Yair Lapid over his policy toward Iran. Photo: From Netanyahu’s telegram

Meanwhile, a government spokesman confirmed that U.S. armed forces in northeastern Syria had fired artillery fire at rocket launchers as a means of self.defense. Zor in Syria. According to the announcement, there were no casualties in the incident but no damage was done.

The night before, after a major American attack in Syria and Iraq, pro.Iranian forces in Iraq “swore” to retaliate in the United States “for the attack, and admitted that four of their men were killed in the operation. “Joe Biden will lead to an escalation in the conflict between the US and Iran.backed militias throughout the Middle East.”

The attack by pro.Iranian forces was near the al.Omar gas field. Foreign Minister Blinken stated: “President Biden is determined and willing to act deliberately to protect the interests of the United States.” White House spokeswoman Jen Saki said: hour.

In yesterday’s attack, weapons, facilities and warehouses on the Iraq.Syria border used by the organizations as a target of Hezbollah and a target of Said al.Shuhaba were damaged. The four killed were members of the pro.Iranian militia army, based in the Amber province. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said: “The US is taking all steps to limit the risk of escalation but is also sending a clear and firm message.“

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