Lazovic and Brkovic for H1 about environmental protests and the Prime Minister’s statement about Rio Tinto
The representative of the Let’s Not Drown Belgrade movement, Radomir Lazovic, and Novi Sad activist Brajan Brkovic said today that one should not trust Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who said that the government was close to deciding to revoke all permits given to Rio Tinto.Lazovic stated for H1 television that he understood the statement of the Prime Minister “as manipulation”, while Brkovic believes that it is “propaganda methods of the government”.

The representative of Ne davimo Beograd also assessed that the government, with statements like the Prime Minister’s, is trying to buy time until the elections (announced for the beginning of April).

“I don’t think there is a sincere desire to do that, they are just trying to buy time until the elections,” Lazovic said.

According to him, if the government is not changed in the elections, not only the Rio Tinto project, but also other projects are waiting to be continued after them.

He assessed that the government was hit by the blockades of the roads of citizens and environmental activists
“They were scared, and now they are stirring the water, they are making the resistance milder because they are announcing some changes. But if this government does not change, they will continue with Rio Tinto,” he said.

According to H1 television on its website, Brković agreed that the Prime Minister’s statement was “dropping the ball and trying to dilute the story”.

“She should not be trusted even when she says ‘good day’, that it is day outside. Until it is really withdrawn, these are all their propaganda methods,” he said.

He pointed out “the entire PR government” of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and assessed that “he decides to work on the basis of profit and does not benefit the citizens”.

“I expect concrete decisions from the government in terms of withdrawing Rio Tinto, if it does not happen by the end of January, it will face a serious crisis that they have not had in 10 years of power,” Brkovic said.

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