The lockdown for no vax in Austria does not end on February 1st

“The lockdown for the unvaccinated will not end with the introduction of mandatory vaccination”. This was stated by the Austrian Minister of Health, Wolfgang Mueckstein (Verdi) regarding the end of the lockdown regime for no-vaxes when, on February 1, the vaccination obligation will be introduced throughout the national territory.

“I believe that we will have to continue to protect the elderly and the sick next Christmas (intended as that of 2022, ed), he told the agency Apa Mueckstein, according to which” the first big goal now is to prevent a general lockdown and the ‘Austria is moving forward with a sense of proportion by having very strict measures since 12 December ”.

Minister Mueckstein considers the measures adopted to be sufficient, underlining that “in Austria there are much stricter rules than in other European countries and the measures we have are taken into consideration in other countries”.

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